Our Features

Why we're the best option.

  • Awesome Control Panel
    Running on the latest version of Pterodactyl.
  • JS and Python
    We support Javascript and Python bots.
  • Infinite free Hosting
    You don't have to pay with us, everything is free of charge.
  • Server locations
    Our servers are located in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.
  • Ping and connection
    Each of our servers has a 10GB/s connection and a very low ping.
  • Top End Hardware
    All our servers run on high quality Intel Xeon/AMD Epyc CPUs to ensure good performance.
Our Statistics

A Little About Our Stats


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Our Process

How You Get Started

  • 1. Dashboard
    First, visit our dashboard, which is available at: Dashboard .
  • 2. Login
    Log in to our dashboard!.
  • 3. Go to "Deploy A Server"
    Now simply click on the "Deploy Server" button.
  • 4. Fill in all fields!
    Now fill in all the details and click on "Deploy Server" and your server will be created in seconds and is ready for use.
Get Started
Our Panel

Our Beautiful Control Panel

Panel Image
  • Awesome Control Panel
    Running on the latest version of Pterodactyl, a powerful and industry standard Discord-Bot control panel.
  • Custom File Uploads
    Upload your content on our advanced full featured FTP access on the panel, no limits and pure power!
  • Schedules
    Easily create schedules for your server.
  • Control your server
    Stop start, restart your server whenever. Unlimited access with no limits.
  • Server Usage
    See your CPU, RAM and Disk usage on Pterodactyl, advanced features for free.
  • Start-UP Commands
    You can easily change the start-up commands of your server in the settings.
Panel Image